The Woven Simple Baby Blanket

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When I first experienced a fine twist on twist merino I was in awe, this is an extremely beautiful product that makes even the most simple knits come alive.    What is the best thing to do with such soft, well wearing and beautiful coloured yarn?  Baby blankets of course!

Introducing a fine twist on twist NZ merino for amazing stitch definition and pure knitting joy and a free baby blanket pattern:

The Woven Smooth Twist Merino


The Woven Simple Baby Blanket


We here at The Woven love bringing together two perfect elements and hope you enjoy this matchup!

The Woven have developed this pattern to use 3 harmonious colours to achieve a fantastic result.
It is a perfect 6-ball pattern, but can be adjusted to a 5 ball knit too, finished size is approx 50cm wide by 85cm long.

Design is knit in gender-neutral tones

Order your kit or wool from

We recommend this pattern as beginner, suitable for the knitter who can knit, cast on and off.
It is knit flat on circular needles.

This pattern was developed as an original pattern by Michelle Stewart aka Mitzy Moo Knits


The Woven Simple Baby Blanket – Free Pattern

Materials required:

Knit on 4.5mm needles – view in online shop

2 x Balls each colour of Smooth Twist Merino – view in online shop

80cm circular needles – view in online shop

The Simple Baby Blanket is available as a Knit Kit from The Woven online shop with International Delivery options!


Cast on 90 Stitches (I like the long tail cast on for a good structure)

You’ll be knitting flat, the first row is the right side, knit every row.
This is known as Garter Stitch

Slip first stitch of every row purl wise, to give the edging a tidy finish.

Please always change colour on the right side for tidy transitions.

Knit each colour in your preference of order, to complete each ball.


Sample was knit:








Finish by binding and tucking in all ends.






Feedback welcome 🙂

The Simple Baby Blanket is available as a Knit Kit from The Woven online shop with International Delivery options!

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  • Kylie

    Just wondering what size this makes? Is it cot sized?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hello 🙂 This blanket is a basinet size, suitable for wee bubs in a cot, basinet or buggy

  • Ann Kay

    I have three balls of yarn each 290yds. I’d like to split them and do two stripes of each color but how do I figure out how many rows to do before switching colors? Thanks!

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hi Ann
    Might be easiest to split each ball in half by weight, so roll them into two equal balls and weight them on the scales before breaking the yarn. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Emily

    I’m just starting this pattern and excited already! I would love to see a picture of the full blanket though and one of the edge so I can see how it looks with the slipped stitch.

  • Michelle Stewart


    I’ve had a look through some images and found a good shot on a different coloured blanket – but you can see the nice effect of the slipped stitch. I’m not able to post the picture here – but please follow this link into the Colour Story Blanket and look through the images 🙂

  • Lynne Johansen

    Michelle this is a lovely pattern and beautiful coloured wool. I was wondering what ply your wool is please?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hi Lynne, thanks for getting in touch 🙂 This is a double knit yarn (8ply) but it does knit a bit thicker, like a light worsted weight.

  • Meg

    How many rows of each color did you do, per stripe?

  • Maryyellen Bigley

    Can I buy the kit with a singular color yarn?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Yes absolutely! Please just comment in the notes which colourway or sinlge colour you would like

  • Patrice

    I’m new to knitting and I’ve done a slip stitch but never for an edge. I’ve looked online and most videos I’ve seen have the slip stitch at the start of the row done knitwise but then say to purl the last stitch in the row. Is that how you did it? I saw one site that slip stitched knitwise at the start and still knit the last stitch in the row. I’m assuming since you only say to slip stitch the first stitch and knit the row, that all other stitches are knit but I wanted to make sure before I start. Also, how many rows of each color did you do?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hello 🙂 I like to slip the first stitch purlwise – like you planning to purl it, but just slip it. All other stitches are knitted. Sounds like some great other options too – might be time to experiment and see how they look!
    Re the row count, sorry I didn’t record this, but they are about 5 to 5.5″
    Hope that helps xx

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